Local agents are matched with consumers, consumers buy your products from them online. Clutchinsurance is accessed via agent websites or


Windy Dash is a proprietary software algorithm that matches consumers with the most appropriate local agent that will close the most sales for your products


We redesigned and rebuilt an app that helps Windhaven Insurance offer their customers more self-service while reducing unnecessary, non-sales related calls to their local agents. No, We're not in the app making business but Windhaven's customers will soon be able to access clutchinsurance and your products from it. More traffic and potential sales for you and for local agents.


The Hearth app saves local agents and policyholders time (and money). Rather than wait (and pay) for an outside inspection company to come take photos of an insured's home for Underwriting, the insured can take a few pictures via the app and send it right to The Hearth Insurance Group.


A proprietary rating engine for auto insurance products that agents happily use thousands of times daily. Auto insurance is usually the lead product that, once sold by an agent, gives the entry point for your products to be cross-sold and "added" to during the sales process in their insurestation.